Why should I choose 24 Hour Disc?
Why should I choose 24 Hour Disc? Great question. So many companies offer similar products to the ones we offer, so why 24 Hour Disc? Sure we offer great quality, competitive pricing, expert service and guaranteed turnaround times. But the most important parts of 24 Hour Disc are our people and our process. Our staff is eager to help and they have the professional expertise to handle your project. Your contact at 24 Hour Disc has an average of ten plus years experience in this industry. You will not be dealing with just a sales person. Your Project Adviser will guide you through the ordering process and be able to answer all of your questions. Once all elements of your project have arrived at 24 Hour Disc, an experienced Project Manager will handle all other aspects of your job, from proofing to shipping. Regardless of where you are in our process, you will have a friendly, knowledgeable professional who can help you achieve exactly what you want for your project. On top of all that, 24 Hour Disc has been in business since 1991. We are not a fly by night internet company that may not be here tomorrow.
How can the prices be so inexpensive?
Is the 24 Hour Disc quality good? Is there a standard to which you hold?
Will I be charged before I approve my project?
What are the most common problems with client designed jobs?
Do I need computer expertise to use this site's services?
How can I get additional assistance?
What is a Shopping Cart?
What is My Account?
How can I access Products, Pricing, and "Contact Us"?
How do I register?
Why do I need to register?
Will I receive SPAM or unsolicited email by registering with my email address?
How do I login to my account?
I forgot my password. What should I do?
Does 24 Hour Disc offer hard copy proofs?
What is a PDF proof?
Will the color on my proof match the final printed piece?
Do I need to be an expert designer to use this website?
What if I want an expert design, can 24 Hour Disc do the work?
What is the cost to have something designed?
What is bleed and is there a safety margin around the trim on printed material?
Why does 24 Hour Disc specify CMYK files and what does that mean?
So why is the difference between RGB and CMYK important?
How do I know if my disc face is only 3 colors?
If I use the same artwork on my disc face as the printed insert will the color match?
What resolution and file format is best for uploaded artwork?
Master Submission
What is the difference between replication and duplication?
What is a glass master?
Do you copy my disc exactly as I send it?
How many master disc copies should I send with my project?
Can I get my discs shrink wrapped?
What do I need to send with a disc duplication/replication project?
Why does 24 Hour Disc charge for barcodes?
Do I need a barcode on my project?
How much space should I leave for a barcode?
Is there a font size limitation for printing on the face of the disc?
Will my DVD play in all DVD players?
Will my CD play in all CD players?
What is the time limit on CDs and DVDs?
Should I get a gloss coat finish on the face of my discs?
What disc face printing options are available for disc duplication?
What disc face printing options are available for disc replication?
Can I choose specific paper types for my print products?
What type of finishing is offered for my print products?
Where can I find a glossary of print terminology used?
What is aqueous coating?
What screening does 24 Hour Disc use?
What is trapping and who does it?
What type of information must I provide to place an order?
Can I place an order from anywhere in the world?
What methods of payment do you offer?
Is this site secure for credit card transactions?
Can I use 2 separate addresses for shipping and billing?
Do you provide an invoice for my purchase?
What are the minimum and maximum quantities per order?
How does the quoted production time work?
Can I speed up the production time?
Can I send in part of my project to get the ball rolling and send the balance later?
What are the costs to produce my project?
If I order greater quantities will I receive discounted pricing?
What are the shipping costs?
What shipping options does 24 Hour Disc Disc offer?
Which countries do you ship to?
Does 24 Hour Disc Disc ship to P.O. Box addresses?
What can I do if I experience technical difficulties while using 24 Hour Disc?
I get an error message and cannot upload my design?
Does a slow computer keep me from using this site?
Does FireFox, Netscape, Opera, Safari or other browsers cause a problem with this website?